King George III 2016 (1 case)


Price per bottle is R190, only available in store. Online purchase of R1140 is for a case of 6 bottles.

In the Vineyards

These vineyards are situated on the foothills of the majestic Outeniqua Mountains. The vineyards are planted in quartzitic sandstone which forms part of the Table Mountain Sandstone Group.  The cool temperatures at this high altitude of 600 meters above sea level and hard soil results in grapes that ripen very slowly and produce berries of exceptional quality with intense flavours.

In the Cellar

Harvesting takes place towards the end of March as soon as the grapes reach 24o Balling. Bunches are hand harvested early in the morning and arrives cool at the cellar. The grapes are destemmed and crushed into an open concrete   fermentation tank; yeast is added immediately to start fermentation which lasts about five days with short pump-overs twice a day, Thereafter the free run juice is separated and fermentation finished in tank. The wine is then aged for 12 months in older French oak Barrels.

In the Glass

Soft smooth flavours of cherries, rooibos and a savoury earthiness. Silky, smooth tannins with an elegant, complex finish.



Outeniqua Wine of South Africa
Cheese Pairing: White Gouda smoked
Served  18-21 °C
Body: Light to Medium
Alc Vol: 13%
Size: 750ml
Residual Sugar:  3.16 g/L
Total Acid:  5.98 g/L
PH:  3.59
Harvest Date:   21/03/17
bottled Date:  01/08/17