Kevin and Kelly, the dynamic duo of Houtbosch are partners in both life and business.


They are the perfect embodiment of passion, drive and ambition.


Originally from Cape Town, Kevin later moved to the UK where he was a

professional musician for 11 years. However, his heart always stayed behind in

South Africa. Kelly was born in Hampstead, London and also worked in the

music industry. The two of them moved back to South Africa when the

opportunity presented itself and George has always been the place they wanted

to call home.

“Kelly and I spent two full years tasting every wine in the country, going from

tasting room to tasting room, until we found the type of wine we wanted to

produce, and learned a lot about wine along the way. We eventually knew what

types of wine we wanted to produce and the region that it should come from.

This was a great two years of wine adventuring, learning and lots and lots of


Houtbosch offers a wide variety of divine platters, pairings, craft beer and one-of-a-kind wine varietals.

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Our Menu

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The majority of our wines are grown at vineyards, situated on the foot heels and peaks of the breathtaking Outeniqua Mountains overlooking George. These vineyards are approximately 9 km from the ocean, with a variety of sand stone soils and a cold climate.

Two of our wines are grown from vineyards situated in the scenic town of Calitzdorp, an hour and a half away from George, with Gamka River soil and fertile Gamka sandy loam soils.


We believe that the best way to bring a variety of people together is with a good glass of wine or a ice cold beer. Ideally situated, Houtbosch Wine & Craft Beer is the perfect place for an exciting experience. We aim to stimulate your senses by constantly experimenting with new and interesting food and drink combinations.


Welcome to one of our wine makers, Christoff de Wet. Christoff just started as one of our new wine makers and will be bringing new flavour and his own unique touch to Houtbosch. Thereafter I enrolled at Elsenburg where I studied winemaking and achieved 2 diplomas, one in Oenology and one in Viticulture.


After my studies I went to Australia and California (again) where I did 2 harvests in one year. In 2010 I joined Distell and worked there for 8 years. There I joined the Fleur du Cap team at Die Bergkelder where we made world award winning wines such as the Unfiltered Merlot 2014 to win the Prestigious Merlot Trophy award as well as a Gold award during the 2017 IWSC. The Bergkelder Selection Shiraz 2013 to win Best Shiraz as well as the Best Red Wine overall at the 2015 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. The Laszlo 2015 (Fleur du Cap’s flagship) to win double gold during the 2018 Veritas awards and this is just to name a few.


In 2018 I joined Lutzville Vineyards and finished my 19th harvest this year before joining De Krans earlier this month.

2001 – Kenwood Winery Sonoma, California (Intern)

2002-2003 – Elsenburg College

2004 – Koelenhof (Intern)

2005 – Kanu Wines (Intern)

2005-2006 – Morgenhof Estate (Assistant Winemaker)

2007-2008 – Hazendal Estate (Assistant Winemaker and did my practical in Viticulture on the farm while enrolled at Elsenburg (2007) and in 2008 I finished my Oenology)

2009 – 2 harvests:            Houghtons Wines (Constellation Wines, Australia)

Ravenswood Wines (Constellation Wines, USA)

2010-2017 – Distell, Die Bergkelder and Adam Tas (Assistant Red Winemaker)

2015 – Rued Winery, Sonoma, California (Seasonal Winemaker, had the opportunity to go overseas and do a harvest while being at Distell. This winery is owned by my sister and her husband)

2018-2019 – Lutzville Vineyards (Winemaker, all reds and Sauv blanc)