Houtbosch Emergency Food Packs are the easy and affordable way to prep for any future event that puts your family’s food safety at risk. With fuel prices rising every month causing rising food costs, prepping now could save your life in the future.
Why risk it? Get prepped today and immediately ensure food security for you and your loved ones with Houtbosch Emergency Food Packs.


Mission Statement:

Emergency food packs that will keep you and your family safe in the event of food shortages, international banking hacks or shutdowns, rising fuel costs, inflation and the possible shutting down of food supply chains due to the escalating war in Europe, which is already causing food shortages across the world. 

Each pack is designed to feed and keep one person healthy for a minimum of one month, eliminating the risk of food security being compromised.

Don’t risk it! Order today while stocks last and sleep better knowing your and your loved ones are always one step ahead.

Package for 1

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Package for 2

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Package for 3

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Package for 4

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